t-l-c and Blue Sky Classrooms

As has been noted before, the-learning-crowd (especially Hannah and Gareth), are very pleased to be working closely with Suklaa on their Blue Sky Classroom (BSC) project.

We were pleased to visit William Edwards School in Essex last week which, having piloted one BSC, has already converted twenty classrooms to this approach.  With every wall a write on surface, with multiple projectors, Apple TV and very very agile furniture. they are very different spaces to traditional classrooms. Talking to staff, students and Senior Management, it is clear that this innovative approach to classroom layout is having a significant difference to the  engagement of students in numerous lessons and  also on their attainment.

Suklaa and the-learning-crowd are working on developing this approach both nationally and internationally - the interest is already high amongst those that know about it.  

We hope that much more about this project will be announced in the new term - lots of work is happening behind the scenes in preparation for a major roll out next academic year!