Why the-learning-crowd?

the-learning-crowd is, and will remain, a small group of associates, each of whom takes a very personal interest in all projects being worked on. 

Mutually supportive, we select projects where we believe we can add real value and experience.  The lead person for each project will remain with it until it is completed, wherever possible, drawing on the skills and strengths of the associates, if needed.

the-learning-crowd has no aspirations to continually grow into a large organisation – we believe that a small ‘personal touch’ team provides the best, and most agile, support for a wide range of projects.

Our breadth of experience ensures that only the most appropriately qualified associate is linked to any specific project.  No one is ‘shoe horned’ to fit a particular brief; if we do not have the skills within the team, we either do not accept it or we guarantee to find the most appropriate person to support the project.